This course covers a variety of topics in a broad social and educational context, as well as the skills required for academic purposes. It aims at acquainting students with the format of the nation-wide exam recruiting visiting scholars and preparing them for the skills essential for the exam.

This writing course is designed to help students of MOE programs to build up skills of applied expositive and argumentative writings so as to enable the student to write effective CV, inquiry letters, expositive and argumentative essays that are related to the international communication and academic exchange scenarios.

This writing course also deals with other important aspects of academic writing known as micro-skills which include how to write an effective introduction and conclusion, how to communicate the main idea of a paragraph to the reader, how to support the main ideas with different types of evidence, how to make clear expression by using more complex sentences, how to write accurately and fluently using language appropriate to the task, etc.

As an academic oriented writing course, this course includes different genres required such as letters, data and diagram description, and argumentative essay writing. The genres included are as follows:

Applied writing: CV, cover letters, inquiry letters, invitation letters, letters of apology and thanks, etc.

Expositive writing: data and process description

Argumentative essay: argument and refutation, discussion of different views, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, problem and solution, etc.

This course is designed for the improvement of MOE students' speaking ability.

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