This course is based on the Shenzhen University Intermediate A Intensive Reading Book. The book spans twelve chapters, with each chapter providing and average of forty new words and two readings taken from the Chinese Readers Digest.

Suggested requirements for taking the course:

  • Knowledge of simple characters and their meanings
  • Simple grammar structures
  • A year worth of studying Chinese Characters

What this course provides:

  • Intensive vocabulary study (500+ new words)
  • Intensive grammar study
  • Focus on how Chinese readings are composed

Suggested course study time:

  • 1 - 2 weeks per Chapter

What you are able to do in the course:

  • Download the course notes
  • Sign up for notifications so that you know immediately when a new chapter has been added
  • Edit and add new words to the glossary (email for permission)
  • Take the quizzes and get immediate feedback on what you have grasped

Suggested study method:

  • Study each workds meaning in both chinese and english
  • Learn to write the words
  • Familiarise yourself with the variants of the words
  • Familiarise yourself with the examples so as to understand how to use the words
  • Post your own example sentences in the forums to be checked by the moderators
  • Add any words you are not familiar with to the glossary
  • Use the forums to discuss the content and feel free to ask questions
  • Take your time and dont fret - there is a lot of information to grasp but it is relevant and frequently used - you will slowly grasp it
  • Keep retaking the exams - each attempt has new questions constantly testing what you have grasped