Exercise 1 练习1

In this exercise, you will be asked to listen to recordings of utterances spoken in MRP English and to identify whether the first sound is fricative or approximant. 请判断录音中现代标准英语发音里的第一个音是擦音还是近音。

Remember that in English, sounds such as [f, v] at the beginning of few, view or [s, z] at the beginning of Sue, zoo are examples of fricatives, while words like west, rest, lest and yes all begin with approximants (respectively [w, ɹ, l, j]). 注意:英语few、view、Sue、zoo的首辅音是擦音;英语west、rest、lest、yes的首辅音是近音。

Demonstration 示范

Demo 示范: 

You hear 你听到的是: fizzy fizzy (pronounced 发音为 ['fɪzi])

You answer 你应该回答: fricative 擦音

Exercise 练习

Round 1 第1轮: 

Round 2 第2轮: 

Round 3 第3轮: 

Round 4 第4轮: