Exercise 3 练习3

In this exercise, you will be asked to listen to recordings of utterances spoken in MRP English and to identify whether the first sound is plosive or affricate.

Remember that English sounds like [p, b] at the beginning of pay, bay, [t, d] at the beginning of Tay, day, and [k, g] at the beginning of Kay, gay are examples of plosives, while [ʧ, ʤ] at the beginning of cheap, jeep are affricates, as is the [ʦ] sound at the beginning of the German word for ‘two’, Zwei (pronounced [ʦvaɪ] – you also hear something like this at the end of the English word hats, pronounced [hæʦ]).


You are asked to listen to a recording of an utterance and to identify whether the first sound has a plosive or affricate manner of articulation. You will hear the item twice.

You hear: dog-kennel, dog-kennel (pronounced ['dɒg kenl̩])

You answer: plosive

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Round 3: 

Round 4: