Exercise 5 练习5

In this exercise, you will be asked to listen to recordings of substitutions based on English words. This is a traditional phonetic ear-training exercise and is one of the tests in the IPA Certificate examinationYou are given a key word (for example, rover). You hear this said with a different consonant between the two vowels and you must then provide a full voice-place-manner (VPM) label for the new, substituted sound. 

Not all the sounds will be familiar to you. You are advised to try to imitate what you can hear and work out the VPM label by comparing what you hear with what you feel when you try to replicate the sound yourself. You should also spend time making use of the various clickable recordings of the IPA Chart that are available (see recommended online resources in Useful Websites).


You are asked to listen to a recording of an utterance and to provide a full phonetic label (a Voice-Place-Manner label) for the sound occurring between the two vowels in the word rover.

You hear: ['ɹəʊbə] ['ɹəʊbə]

You answer: voiced bilabial plosive

Round 1: 

Round 2: 

Round 3: 

Round 4: