International Reporting - Assignment

International Reporting - Assignment

by Jim Wolf -
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As a reminder, the first group report for the spring class is due at midnight on Tuesday, May  23.  A rotating editor should submit the report, of up to 700 words, using contributions from each of the group's members. Each student reporter should be hunting for news in the area followed by her group. The trick is to confirm reported news by going back to official sources cited in the news reports whenever possible. This means checking the web sites of organizations, companies or government agencies for relevant statements. If confirmation isn't available, you'd quote the published source. In addition, each group member must interview at least one expert about the significance of this week's news on the event(s) being covered. Seek scholars and experts at think tanks among others. Writer up their comments in a brief for the group's editor and submit it to the teacher as well via this website. The group's editor may string together different developments by using phrases such as: meanwhile, at the same time, in another development etc.  Each week a new editor will take charge of the group's report. The most important news of the week should be in the story's lead, as we've discussed in class.  The group's rotating editor alone must file the finished product to the web site, taking care to identify the group's topic and its members in the body of each submission. Submissions must be by on online text, not by uploaded or downloaded document. The group's editor is responsible for writing a short, sharp headline for the group's report each week. Individual students may submit their contributions via the web site for the record only, but are not required to do so. The group's work will be graded, not each individual's contribution, in a reflection of the importance accorded by editors to reporters combining their talents for the benefit of readers and the public. 

The groups are following news in these areas:

-- Sino-U.S. relations

-- Cyber security

-- One Belt, One Road Initiative 

-- China-Korean relations