Sound samples and guide 语音样本及练习说明

Sound samples 语音样本: 

Examples of different manners of articulation made at the alveolar place of articulation 齿龈部位的各种发音方式示范:

Plosive 爆发音 [ɑtɑ ɑdɑ]

Affricate 塞擦音 [ɑʦɑ ɑʦɑ]

Fricative (central) 中央擦音 [ɑsɑ ɑzɑ]

Lateral fricative 边擦音 [ɑɬɑ ɑɮɑ]

Nasal 鼻音 [ɑnɑ]

Trill 颤音 [ɑrɑ]

Tap 拍音 [ɑɾɑ]

Approximant (central) 中央近音 [ɑɹɑ] (English [ɹ] is actually post-alveolar, being made at the back of the alveolar ridge 英语的[ɹ]实为龈后音,发音部位在齿龈之后)

Lateral approximant 边近音 [ɑlɑ]

Guide 练习说明:

To learn these values properly, and to learn the manner of articulation of other consonants, you are advised to make use of the various clickable IPA Charts recommended in the Useful Websites. 请利用“推荐网站”中列出的各种可点击的国际音标表,练习以上及其他辅音的发音方法。

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