1 Rationality, Irrationality, and Rationalization

Part 1 Consumer Purchasing Decisions

2 Transaction Utility and Consumer Pricing

3 Mental Accounting

4 Status Quo Bias and Default Options

5 The Winners Curse and Auction Behavior

Part 2 Information and Uncertainty

6 Bracketing Decisions

7 Representativeness and Availability

8 Confirmation and Overconfidence

9 Decision under Risk and Uncertainty

10 Prospect Theory and Decision under Risk or Uncertainty

Part 3 Time Discounting and the Long and Short Run

11 Disagreeing with Ourselves: Projection and Hindsight Biases

12 Naïve Procrastination

13 Committing and Uncommitting

Part 4 Social Preferences

14 Selfishness and Altruism

15 Fairness and Psychological Games

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