Job Interview 工作面试怎样才是好的回答

1.      Tell students that they are going to practice  job interviews. Give out the pdf.

2.      Ask the students to look at the first job advertisement. Ask them what type of person would be good for the job. Use the questions in the interview as prompts.

3.      Put students in groups of four. Ask them to think about people for the other jobs.

4.      Divide the students of four into two pairs. Ask each student to choose a different job to apply for. Explain that they can invent experience that they do not really have.

5.      Tell them to act out the interviews . The interviewer should use questions from the interview and others if they are needed and fill in the interview notes.

6.      When both interviews are complete, the interviewers give feedback and say if the interviewees got the job.

Ask the student to choose another advertisement from the pdf and repeat the step 5 and 6.

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